The Voice Amanda Brown: “Stars” 11/19/12 Video

By on November 20, 2012

Amanda Brown reprises another song from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, “Stars”, on The Voice Top 10 Live Playoffs.

Amanda’s Song Stars – As always, Amanda is doing a great job with this song. Her voice is just so amazing and when it comes time to hit those difficult notes that would make most people try to alter the song a bit, Amanda takes then head on and crushes them.

Judges’ Comments: Each of the judges seem to agree with me, saying that Amanda’s song choice seemed to compliment her vocals with Christina saying although she’s unfamiliar with the song it seemed almost a bit country to her. Cee Lo addresses Amanda as his “favorite mistake,” says he feels that he gets to claim that he discovered her, while Adam just lavishes praise on her. Perhaps the judges are feeling a bit weary, but none of them seem overly enthusiastic anymore.
Watch Amanda’s video and the judge’s comments on Page 2!!


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