The Voice Cassadee Pope: “Over You” 11/19/12 Video

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Cassadee Pope sings Blake and Miranda’s poignant hit, “Over You”, on The Voice Top 10 Live Playoffs.

Cassadee’s Song Over You – This song was written by Blake and his wife, Miranda Lambert, as a tribute to Blake’s brother when he passed away. I really, really love this song, and Cassadee is doing a fabulous job with it this evening. It’s so interesting to see her step away from her punk-rock role and into this country crooner position with seemingly little effort. In my opinion her performance is flawless… honestly (please music Gods, forgive me)… it might be better than the original. And to see Blake just staring dreamily at her is just – ugh, I love it.

Judges’ Comments: Christina thanks Cassadee for taking her on “that ride” with her and tells her that she “sold it.” She also points out that Blake was tearing up during the performance, which causes Christina to tear up. So basically, the judges just all sat there crying. Giver her the win folks! Cee Lo keeps it short and sweet telling Cassadee that she did a great job and the emotion just added to it, while Adam tells Cassadee that this was her best performance and that it “seemed to suit her” and that he’d love to see more country music from her. Blake tells Cassadee that she sang “easily the most important and personal song” he’s ever written and that “she made him feel like he was hearing it for the first time,” and that “words can’t express what that means.” He then turned to the audience and said, “ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at an artist right here” as his voice caught a bit in his throat. How is Dez going to be able to top this?!

Check Cassadee’s performance and the judge’s reaction on page 2!!


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