The Voice Cody Belew: “Crazy in Love” Playoffs Video

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Cody Belew¬†puts his own spin on Beyonce’s breakout hit, “Crazy in Love”, on The Voice Top 10 Live Performance.

Cody’s Song Crazy In Love – Honestly, I am not impressed. I’m sorry Cody, I really am! But this song is just not awesome for you. However, your funky costume thing is great. I suppose that technically he did a good job; he hit the right notes, he had a lot of energy… but there was just something missing. However… the little dance routine at the end might be worth a couple of tenths!
Judges’ Comments: Adam seems to have absolutely loved Cody’s performance, and Blake (with his sparkly vest) tells Cody that he really enjoyed it and he’s confused in a good way. Christina also loved Cody’s performance, and commends him for bringing something “so signature Cody” to the performance. And she obviously loved his little dance routine. And now, for the coaches words. Cee Lo (… I have no idea what he’s wearing) tells Cody that he can see him as an artist that encourages people to be themselves, and that he thinks that’s very important. He also says that he loved the song choice (which was all Cody), and that he desperately wants him to stay in the competition.

Watch Cody Perform on page 2!!

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