The Voice Dez Duron: “Feeling Good” 11/19/12 Video

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Dez Duron tackles a Broadway classic, “Feeling Good”, on The Voice Top 10 Live Playoffs.

Dez’s Song Feelin’ Good – Dez tells us in his “confessional” that he wants to “stay on the show” for Christina – but since I discovered his biography last week, I’m pretty sure he wants to stay on because he and his family have no idea what it means to lose. And in typical “I am a winner” fashion, Dez absolutely brings it in this jazz meets blues performance.

Judges’ Comments: When Cee Lo tries to give Dez his congratulations he is completely drowned out by the ladies in the audience losing their minds over Dez. Once they quiet down, he says that he loved it, and that it was a wonderful rendition of the song. Blake congratulates Dez and Christina for figuring out where Dez fits musically, saying that was it. Christina tells Dez that she was so proud of him tonight, and that he “dug deeper” in his performance. Weirdly, Christina also uses this time to throw some love to Sylvia…

Check out the sexy performance from Dez on Page 2!!

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