The Voice Liz Davis “Independence Day” Live Playoffs Video

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With America watching on, Liz Davis sings Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” for Team Blake Shelton on The Voice Live Playoffs.

Contestant: Liz Davis
Liz’s Song Independence Day – Holy freaking moly! Her voice is incredible. She absolutely amazing. I am speechless. Just go watch it, now. (Okay, admittedly a couple of times her voice got a bit raspy during the long notes, but she recovered very well in my opinion and it didn’t take away from the song at all.)
Judges’ Comments: Christina commends Liz and her “strong, solid voice” and tells her that she’s “so happy” she found a great home on Blake’s team. She also commends her for the timeliness of the song (Election Day is tomorrow, folks!). Cee Lo tells Liz that her rendition made him proud to be an America, and Blake tells her that she has a lot on the line because she is the only country artist in the competition and Blake, who has been hoping to bring a country artist to the finale and to win it all, says he knows he made the right decision in Liz.

Check out Liz’s performance on Page 2!!

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