The Voice Melanie Martinez “Cough Syrup” 11/12/12 Video Top 12

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Melanie Martinez sang ‘Cough Syrup’ on The Voice Top 12 Live Playoffs.

Melanie’s Song “Cough Syrup” – Wow wow wow! I am pleasantly surprised by Melanie. She’s always been a bit of a dark horse for me in this competition, and I couldn’t ever picture her winning… until tonight. She did an absolutely fantastic job with this song, and the crowd seemed to love her!

Judges’ Comments: Blake kicks it off, telling Melanie that he’s never heard her project that much, and that she has the most unique sound in the competition. Christina felt that it was the most emotional performance of the season, also praising Melanie for her song. Adam tells Melanie that there are so many crazy notes and amazing vocalists that are better at singing than he is in the competition, and the thing Melanie has going for her is that she is “all her own” and doesn’t sound just like every one else.

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Watch Melanie’s  performance video on Page 2!!

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