The Voice Michaela Paige: “Everybody Talks” 11/5/12 Playoffs Video

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Michaela gives her best to the Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” on  The Voice Live Playoffs.

Contestant: Michaela Paige

Michaela’s Song Everybody Talks – Well … her clothing choice is interesting. At best. Luckily for Michaela her vocals are much more in tune with my personal preferences. She’s got a fantastic voice that is super strong and clear. But at the end of the day there wasn’t anything very special about her performance at all.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo has dubbed Michaela’s performance the “best performance of the night.” I think Cee Lo might be a bit distracted with the legal proceedings he’s dealing with outside of the show, because this was not “best performance” worthy. Adam tells Michaela that she really surprised him and that this performance made him a fan. He says that this is the best performance that she’s done, and I would agree with that. Not the best of the night but it could definitely be her best thus far. Blake thanks Michaela for making him look “so smart” since he was the only one who turned around for her and he agrees that it was the best performance of the night.

Check out Michaela on Page 2!!

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