The Voice Recap 11/13/12 – Season 3 – Live Top 12 Results

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Hi friends! I am seriously loving The Voice this season, and these results shows.

Of the Top 12 remaining artists, the bottom two – as voted by America – will get sent home, regardless of what team they are on. That means, theoretically, that one team could be cut in half tonight! We’re also going to be treated to a performance by country superstar Jason Aldean (I love him!) and Christina Aguilera, who is debuting her new single with Cee Lo Green! (Watch the Video Here)

It appears that America is super into The Voice this season as well, since last night’s episode garnered more votes than last year’s finale. Additionally, all of the artists charted on iTunes between last night and tonight’s episode, which has lead the producers to make an addition to the rules: every time a song is purchased via iTunes, it will count as a vote for that artist!

*Top 12 Performance Videos*

Christina and Cee Lo’s performance kicks off the festivities for the evening, and it was quite a bit of fun! And with that, we’re off to our first commercial break and when we come back – hopefully we’ll be jumping into the results!

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