The Voice Recap – 11/27/12 – Season 3 – Top 6 Results Show

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It is indeed Tuesday night (in the words of Mr. Carson Daly), and that means that it’s results night! Tonight we’ll be treated to the revelation of the Top 6 artists from this season. We’ll also be treated to a couple of special performances, and … the Muppets.

Last night’s performances led the way into another record breaking night, with more votes being recorded than on any other night of The Voice, including last season’s finale!

Trevin and Amanda are kicking us off with a performance of Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” – and it’s great. These two are great individually and together they are stellar.

The first results are on the next page, so click on over!

One Response to The Voice Recap – 11/27/12 – Season 3 – Top 6 Results Show

  1. Mike says:

    my personal favorites were Cody and Dez. This was a difficult year as they were all great. will miss my two favorites and not sure i’ll pay a lot of attention now until final episode.

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