The Voice Recap 11/5/12 – Season 3 – Live Rounds!

By on November 5, 2012
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Welcome to the Live Rounds of The Voice!! The crowd is going crazy as Carson introduces the show, and explains the rules. Viewers at home will vote to save two contestants, while the coaches will save one.

Team Adam and Team Blake are going head to head tonight. And since Blake is coming off of his CMA sweep, including grabbing Entertainer of the Year it should be quite an interesting evening!

Prior to getting into the competition, we’ve got Team Adam and Team Blake pairing up and putting of some dazzling display of amazing vocals… and sequins!

Kicking it off is Team Adam – so without further ado… here we go!

Contestant: Joselyn Rivera – Video
Joselyn’s Song Give Your Heart A Break – Well, the live rounds certainly so bring a different spin to things. The contestants sing more of the song than we usually hear, in addition to having to work the stage and sing in front of a crowd that is just absolutely on fire. And with all of that Joselyn did a great job! She sang the song, and she sang it well – and she seemed to be having a great time while doing it!
Judges’ Comments: Blake tells Joselyn that she is “wearing the bigger stage well” and that she “looks like a star.” Her former coach, Christina, told Joselyn that she did a great job working the stage and tells her that she would love to hear her sing a ballad. Cee Lo … dressed like Prince?? … tells Joselyn that he likes her attitude and that it’s a winning part of her personality. He also says that she did a great job, and rose to the challenge. Adam wraps it up by telling Joselyn that she did an “incredible job” and that he is “so proud.” She apparently took all of his notes and worked with them, and “delivered that vocal and thrived in the environment.” So, all around, the judges seem to be thrilled with Joselyn!
My Rating: (This is new! I’ve decided to rate the performances on a 1-10 scale. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to decide to do this.) 7… she seemed a tad flat at times, but still did awesome!

Team Blake is up next…

Contestant: Terry McDermot – Video
Terry’s Song Don’t Stop Believin’ – aka “the song every drunk person in a bar loves to sing.” Seriously, it is one of the greatest 80’s relics and bar songs of all time. Singing SUCH a well-loved sound has got to be a difficult task. But Terry absolutely does not let us down (although his hair could stand to use some sprucing up). It seems like Terry slipped on his words once or twice, but ultimately I think he did a fantastic job with this song. At the end when he got to bring out those loud power notes he just absolutely killed in. In typical Terry fashion.
Judges’ Comments: Christina attempts to give Terry some notes, but the crowd just goes wild. Once they quiet down, Christina is able to tell Terry that he is just “easy on the ears” and that his “precise tone, annunciation” are “effortless.” She ends with saying that she’s a fan, and then turns it over to Cee Lo who agrees with Christina that Terry is “effortless” in his abilities. Cee Lo also tells Terry that he is “genuine article rock-n-roll,” which probably gave Terry goosebumps! Now up, coach Blake, who tells Terry that he is making “classic Rock cool again” and wraps it up by saying that “when God was passing out the ability to rock, he gave Terry just a little bit more.” Oh Blake, you’re hilarious.
My Rating: 8… he may have gotten a bit of a bump because I just absolutely love that song.

Head on over to the next page to see how the next two contestants stack up!

Contestant: Melanie Martinez – Video
Melanie’s Song Hit The Road Jack – Hearing Melanie sing this song, with her raspy voice and bygone era mannerisms, makes me think that the was absolutely supposed to have been born in the 1920’s and is just making the best of it out here in 2012. She is so ridiculously unique, and her voice is just… wow. As a side note, the orange is finally fading out of her hair and it’s more blonde, which looks lovely.
Judges’ Comments: Blake tells Melanie that his favorite thing about her, and the thing that will make her “really, really popular” is that she isn’t interested in fitting in, she just wants to be Melanie. Christina has a bit of criticism for Melanie, saying she started a bit pitchy – although she does admit that she is “kind of married to the original.” It’s strange to have a judge not heaping praise on someone, especially when she did such a great job. Adam tells Melanie that his initial reaction to the song was “woah, that’s big shoes to fill” but she made it her own and while she was a little shaky at the beginning, she made it her own, and he was “completely mesmerized.” I agree Adam.
My Rating: 8 – because her voice is just SO unique.

Team Blake’s only country act is up next!

Contestant: Liz Davis – Video
Liz’s Song Independence Day – Holy freaking moly! Her voice is incredible. She absolutely amazing. I am speechless. Just go watch it, now. (Okay, admittedly a couple of times her voice got a bit raspy during the long notes, but she recovered very well in my opinion and it didn’t take away from the song at all.)
Judges’ Comments: Christina commends Liz and her “strong, solid voice” and tells her that she’s “so happy” she found a great home on Blake’s team. She also commends her for the timeliness of the song (Election Day is tomorrow, folks!). Cee Lo tells Liz that her rendition made him proud to be an America, and Blake tells her that she has a lot on the line because she is the only country artist in the competition and Blake, who has been hoping to bring a country artist to the finale and to win it all, says he knows he made the right decision in Liz.
My Rating: 9. Because wow.

We’re half way through! The next page contains many wonderful things… and the next two contestants. So head on over!

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