The Voice Trevin Hunte: “Scream” 11/19/12 Playoffs Video

By on November 20, 2012

Trevin Hunte, the big teen from Brooklyn goes for it all with his take on Usher’s “Scream”, on The Voice Top 10 Live Playoffs.

Trevin’s Song Scream - Trevin has decided this week to take a bit of a risk with his performance, and step away from sining a ballad. And I must say, I think this was a great idea. In my opinion, I enjoy seeing the artists show their versatility – it makes it easier to imagine they putting together an album. That said, ballads are Trevin’s bread and butter and this song wasn’t nearly as powerful as his usual performances… until we got to the end where he did an absolutely killer scale and knocked my socks off.
Judges’ Comments: Adam tells Trevin that he thinks he can sing anything, and while it wasn’t his “favorite, [he] could sing the dictionary and it would sound great.” Christina, however, begs to differ – saying that this might have been her favorite Trevin performance to date. Cee Lo takes this opportunity to publicly say that he’s glad he trusted Trevin’s song choice, and he thinks is definitely paid off.

Check out Trevin’s performance video on page 2!!

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