The Walking Dead Recap 11/182012 Season 3 “Hounded”

By on November 19, 2012
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Who was the person on the phone? That was perhaps the biggest question viewers had when tuning into the most recent episode of the Walking Dead. In “Hounded” we get an answer, and we also finally begin seeing how Rick’s crew and the Governor, will collide.

While the Governor allowed Michonne to leave Woodbury, the episode kicks off with Merle and three others hunting for Michonne. Michonne leaves a a message on the ground to warn others: “Go Back.” Michonne leaves that message by using a Walker’s arms, legs, and an actual “back” (Michonne sure is clever). Of course, being the genius Merle is, he ignores the warning. Michonne, out of nowhere, appears and takes down two of Merle’s cronies, and runs off, but not before being shot in the leg by Merle.

In the boiler room, Rick speaks to the mysterious voice that has called him. The voice, a woman, tells Rick that they are in a safe place, but she refuses to say more. After Rick pleads to let his group join them, the woman let’s him know that she will talk to the group and call back in two hours. Two hours later, the call is returned, but this time a man talks to Rick. The man begins to ask Rick about his “killing history” but hangs up after Rick refuses to speak about the death of Lori.

In Woodbury, Andrea asks the Governor for a chance to be on the wall because she, aside from hooking up with every thing that isn’t a Walker yet, misses killing. She takes it upon herself to jump over the wall and kill a Walker with a knife. She smiles, as if to say “I’m home.”

Merle, and the one person of his crew left, who he calls Neil, cross paths with Michonne again. They struggle, but are distracted when a group of Walkers show up to party as well. Michonne, while being attacked by a Walker, cuts open the stomach of one Walker, and watches as his blood and guts fall on top of her body. Merle and Neil, are too busy fighting off their own Walkers, and Michonne slips off again.

Under the prison’s tunnels, Carl and Daryl have a nice moment together as Daryl tells Carl a story about the day he learned his mother had died in a fire. Carl and Daryl bond over both having their mother dead, and in a strange way, it’s interesting seeing Daryl continue to open up to others; he is now a bad-ass, with a heart.

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