The Walking Dead Recap 11/25/2012 Season 3 ‘When The Dead Come Knocking’

By on November 26, 2012
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Merle wants to know where his brother is! In ‘When the Dead Come Knocking,” Glenn and Maggie go through a hell of a time, Michonne meets Rick and his crew, and once again, the Governor defies the odds and becomes even creepier.

Glenn finds himself taped and restrained in a dingy room, as Merle begins to interrogate him about where his brother, Daryl, resides. Merle begins spewing out words and bringing up the past events of how Rick and company left him handcuffed on a roof, as Glenn tries to convince Merle that they went back for him. After Merle begins talking about Maggie, and puts his knife-hand up to Glenn, Glenn has enough and headbutts Merle. Merle follows with a headbutt of his own, and follows that by throwing vicious punches at Glenn.

At the prison, Rick is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that a person, Michonne, is standing near Walkers and not getting attacked. After a bit, the Walkers realize Michonne is “fresh meat” and begin attacking Michonne. Michonne “shows off” to Rick, and takes down a few Walkers, before fainting from the pain in her wounded leg. As Walkers approach to feast on her, Carl takes down two Walkers (at least Carl is becoming kind of useful. He is less annoying now). Carl rushes out and retrieves the baby supplies as Rick takes down some more Walkers. Rick quickly checks on Michonne to see the type of wound she has.

Rick and company drag Michonne into the prison to find out some answers. Michonne, while struggling on the floor, tries to grab her sword, but Rick kicks it aside and says “We’re not gonna hurt you.” Daryl, after asking who the new girl is, says he has something to show to the group. Daryl leads Rick and the others into another cell where he reveals Carol. The group all embrace Carol, and for the first time, Carol sees Rick’s newborn, and she realizes that Lori has past. Michonne, once again, sees an important event from a distance.

After reuniting, Rick gets back to business and tries to figure out Michonne’s story. Michonne lets Rick know that “a young Asian guy, with a pretty girl were taken.” After some resistance from Michonne again, she finally reveals that there is a town called Woodbury and that it is run by someone who calls himself the Governor. Rick introduces Michonne to Herschel and lets Michonne know Herschel will fix her wound.

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