The X Factor Beatrice Miller Sings “Chasing Cars” Video 11/21/12

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Beatrice Miller sang  “Chasing Cars” on The X Factor.  To celebrate Thanksgiving, the top 10 finalists on The X Factor sang a song to the people who have helped them throughout their lives,  Beatrice gave thanks to her adopted, younger twin sisters.

Beatrice Miller Song: “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

Dedicated to: Her adopted, younger twin sisters

Comments: LA called her “so cute,” “such an inspiration,” and said Britney had good taste with her mentoring. Demi said she likes Beatrice but she thinks the song choices for her are getting too repetitive, and she wants her to have more fun. Simon disagreed. He said he could tell the song meant a lot to her and that she connected to it. Britney was very moved and thought it was Beatrice’s best vocal yet.

Check out Beatrice’s X Factor performance.

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