The X Factor Recap 11/7/12 Season 2 Top 12 Perform Live

By on November 7, 2012
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After last week’s shocking elimination of David Correy and Diamond White, along with the exits of Willie Jones and Sister C, the remaining 12 vocalists compete to stay in the competition. For the first time this season, America will get to vote for their favorite contestants.

Start reading below for our live recap of all the performances and critiques!

The show opened with huge news from Simon that the judges decided to bring back Diamond White after reviewing her performances from last week. This was probably due to the huge backlash from fans the show received for her elimination. Personally, I think David Correy deserved another chance as well.

The theme for this week’s show was “Songs from the Movies.” The first performance was by contestant Arin Ray from Britney’s Teens category.

Arin Ray
Song: “American Boy”
Comments: LA thought the song really captured Arin’s vocal identity. Demi said she was speechless and called him “smooth,” saying he looked “like a star.” Simon commended Britney on her mentoring this week and said he was “really impressed.” Britney called him “a true star” and “amazing.” (Has anyone else noticed that “amazing” seems to be the only positive adjective in Britney’s vocabulary?)

Paige Thomas
Song: “Take My Breath Away”
Comments: LA thought the production was “amazing” but that he wasn’t blown away by the song choice or performance. He called it just “good.” Britney thought it started out really strong and was a “wonderful performance.” Simon said the performance was imaginative but the production of the song wasn’t creative enough to match. Demi was obviously pleased with her contestant.

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