Adele Tops iTunes Chart For Second Straight Year

By on December 14, 2012

Never mind, we’ll find someone- Oh, scratch that, Adele has topped the iTunes charts for 2012, and for a second straight year.

Last year, the British pop star topped the iTunes chart with her huge successful album, 21, and she has repeated the feat once again by having the best-selling album for 2012, ahead of Taylor Swift‘s popular album, Red. Three bands that also owned 2012 followed Adele and Swift: Mumford & Sons Babel was third, One Direction’s (pause for preteen applause) Up All Night was fourth, and Some Nights by FUN. rounded the top five.

Adele, who has been busy tending to her baby, and keeping him warm with her Grammys, has not had much time to release any new jams (yes, I am still stuck in 1997) aside from lending her vocals for James Bond’s SkyFall theme song, ‘Skyfall.’

But, according to the iTunes charts, it looks like Adele continues to mend the lonely hearts of men and women everywhere, as she continues to rock the charts.

What do you think of Adele topping the charts again? Are you still jamming (there I go again) to her music?

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