Arrow “Vendetta” Recap 12/5/2012

By on December 6, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Arrow (aka Who Knew You Really Had To Be Crazy To Fight Crime In A Costume?) picks up where last week’s left off with Oliver and Helena in bed after what had to be literally the craziest sex ever. But that’s not where either of them really gets their jollies, so Helena gets up, gets dressed and goes out to kill someone. Of course Oliver has followed her and stops her, once again insisting his ways and reasons of killing bad guys is totally different and better than her ways and reasons of killing bad guys. Know why? ‘CAUSE OLIVER’S CRAZY! He gets crazier because now he wants to teach Helena his way. But they need dinner first, so over a burger Helena points out again, that he also kills the same types of people she does. Because OLIVER’S CRAZY he insists that he only kills people when he absolutely has to which is news to us, because we’ve seen him kill clearly defeated opponents more than once. In fact right before they had sex earlier (which I guess makes it foreplay). At least he brings up she almost killed his mother and she apologizes insisting it was an accident…that she rolled up in broad daylight on a motorcycle and shot a man. Helena turns down his offer so Oliver does his second favorite thing: work out shirtless. You know who else is crazy? Diggle. Because he also insists that Helena is the crazy and dangerous one because she goes around killing people? Hello? What do you think the half-naked guy next to you does!?! Diggle also insists that Oliver can’t save her, when Diggle’s excuse for joining Oliver it so try and help him. So yeah, Diggle’s nuts too. Title credits…

That Bond Dude and Queen Mother have their first real conversation about him discovering she had her late husband’s yacht salvaged. It’s actually a real adult conversation. What’s it doing here?

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