Bradley Cooper Has Five Nipples?

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Bradley Cooper has five nipples. Yes, you read that right. The former Sexiest Man Alive has 5 nipples and showed every single one of them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to prove it.

He has the normal two nipples on his chest with a third nipple up a bit higher in the chest area.  He then has a fourth nipple on his arm and a fifth nipple on his leg.  He called it “weird.”  We call it interesting and different.  And a bit odd but something tells me that won’t affect how the ladies feel about the gorgeous actor.

One of our readers claims it was a 12 day giveaway prank. It looked real. We are looking for a video so you can be the judge. (We have photos on page 2 – you be the judge!!)

Ellen spoke with Cooper about his title as the former Sexiest Man Alive and asked him if he spoke to the new title holder, Channing Tatum.  While he has reached out to Tatum, he has yet to receive a call back.   Could it have to do with Channing’s latest announcement – that he and his wife are expecting a new baby?

What do you think about Bradley’s five nipples?  It definitely makes for some interesting conversation.

4 Responses to Bradley Cooper Has Five Nipples?

  1. sky parson says:

    I watched the entire show, there is no apparent corillation between the 12 days of giveaways and Bradley Cooper revealing his numerous nipples. How could that be considered a “Prank” anyway??

  2. melody says:

    its a bunch of bull!! if people really believe this they will believe anything! ellen does pranks on her show all the time…. if you watched you would know! as Mark said above me…. its another 12 days prank.

  3. Anony says:

    Yeah, it was fake.

  4. Mark says:

    It was just another 12 days of giveaways-prank. The nipples were fake…

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