Criminal Minds Recap 12/5/12 – The Lesson

By on December 6, 2012
Criminal minds 2
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This week’s episode of Criminal Minds was written by Janine Sherman Barrois and directed by series star, Matthew Gray Gubler. Like his character, this episode #810 is pure genius!

The show begins; three months earlier in Winslow, Arizona, the camera quickly pans an empty waiting room and brings to a steady focus on a hospital-type room. In this room there are two older, male patients and one male nurse. The nurse is attending to Mr. James, who is now becoming increasingly violent with his words. The nurse threatens his patient with more morphine, if he doesn’t settle down. That doesn’t seem to bother, Mr. James, as he continues to taunt his nurse. As the nurse begins to push up the dosage of the morphine drip, the male coma patient, in the other bed, suddenly comes out of his coma and begins to make untamed movement. The nurse leaves Mr. James’ bedside to attend to the now awakened coma patient.

Present Day, the coma patient named Adam Rain is in a prop room of his father’s theater. We see a close up of his drawn bunny tattoo on his hand, while taking out his tools from his work bag. Mr. Conrad, Adam’s assistant, walks into the room and they begin to discuss, Connie Foster, who is sitting in a chair with her mouth and hands tied.

Meanwhile, Spencer Reid is in a parking lot phone booth. He is on the telephone with his mystery girlfriend. They are discussing the book, “The Narrative of John Smith” when she suggests to Dr. Reid that she would like to finally meet him. There is silence on Spencer’s end of the telephone call. Moments pass, when he agrees with her and their meeting.

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