One Direction To Release Perfume For Women

By on December 1, 2012

Mega-Boy Band, One Direction, will be releasing a women’s perfume next fall.

One Direction, seeing that their faces weren’t on every possible item that humans use, have decided to sign a deal with Olivann Beauty to develop a scent, and other products, and you will soon find yourself drowning in the scent every time you walk into a department store, or any time you walk though a town mall overrun by middle school students.

That’s right, preteen girls, you now have your first item on your 2013 Christmas list. Make sure to move Justin Bieber’s and Taylor Swift’s perfume to the side, in order to make room for this fragrance. One Direction’s new perfume will first be sold in touring cities, and then expand to other markets.

The perfume has not been named yet, but I’m sure it will somehow reference one of their songs. My guess would be ‘What Makes You Beautiful Is Smelling Good So Buy Our Product and Make Us More Wealthy.” I hope that fits on the bottle.

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