Elementary Recap 12/13/12 ‘The Leviathan’

By on December 14, 2012
Elementary 2
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A team of burglars break into an uncrackable vault full of jewelry and thus a new crime needs solving…

Watson walks in on two sisters without their pants on and Sherlock claims that his sexcapades with them is all in the name of science as he studies their genetic differences.  Before the sisters could leave, a man is at the door looking to speak to Sherlock.  Forty million dollars was stolen from his state-of-the-art vault and he needs Sherlock’s help.  It turns out this is the second time this man’s vaults were broken into; the first time being done by a crew of expert criminals.  Sherlock ends up spending an entire day at the vault trying to figure out the pattern for the combination.  Soon he takes his frustrations out on the lock with an ax.

Watson meets her mom for lunch.  In between insults, Watson’s mom invites her to a family dinner, but Sherlock becomes the reason Watson can’t go.  Speaking of Sherlock, he calls to tell Watson to meet him at the prison.  They speak with a member of the original crew of burglars.  He didn’t know how they got the vault combination, but a guy by the name of LeChevalle does.  So Sherlock begins his search and finds a man named Peter Kent, who he thinks might LeChevalle.  Turns out Peter Kent had a stroke years ago and was in no condition to break into the jewelry vault.  However, he did have stolen artifacts in his house, which Sherlock returned to the police…minus one painting.

As Watson reprimands Sherlock for keeping the stolen painting, her brother calls to tell her how excited he is she’s coming to the family dinner she had previously turned down.  Her brother says she texted him, but it was really Sherlock, who also invited himself.

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