Frankie Muniz Recovering After Suffering “Mini-Stroke”

By on December 4, 2012

Malcolm in the Middle star, Frankie Muniz, is recovering after suffering a stroke last week.

Muniz tweeted: “I was in the hospital last Friday. I suffered a ‘Mini Stroke,’ which was not fun at all. Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!”

No other information has been revealed about what may have caused the stroke, nor have the doctors been able to offer an explanation either.

Muniz turns 27 on Wednesday, and while we wish Muniz a speedy recovery, I about had a stroke myself hearing that Muniz is only 27 years old when it seems like he has been in around forever. Just like the middle child he portrayed in his hit series, he has gotten lost amongst the hoards of other former child stars. Muniz has done his best to stay out of the limelight, and continues to do so while playing drums for his band, Kingsfoil.

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