General Hospital Recap Week of 12/10/12 – 12/14/12

By on December 17, 2012

This week in Port Charles…Faison is revealed; Maxie has second thoughts about Lulu’s baby; and AJ makes Sonny look bad.

Michael frets to Starr that he hasn’t heard from AJ yet, even though he knows AJ is now a free man. Starr orders her boyfriend to man up and suggests calling him. Michael hangs up when he gets AJ’s voicemail, but decides to follow Starr’s advice and talk to Sonny about laying off AJ for a bit. However, when they arrive at Sonny’s gym, they find Sonny giving AJ a less-than-friendly beat down in the ring! AJ and Sonny both insist that it’s a friendly fight, but everyone, including Shawn who played referee, remains unconvinced.

At the hospital Felix overhears Sabrina asking Elizabeth about Lucy Coe. He reveals that he hawks Coco Cosmetics as a second job, so Lucy is his boss! When Sabrina eagerly asks him to ask Lucy about the nurses’ ball, Felix agrees on one condition. Either he gets creative control of the ball or Sabrina does bedpan duty for two months. Sabrina takes bedpan duty as Elizabeth rolls her eyes.

At the police station John calls Anna again to warn her that Faison is alive. Robert, who is now free, thanks to Alexis’s plea bargaining, stresses the urgency of finding Anna. Faison is a sociopath who would kill Anna if she doesn’t play along with him! Dante calls the upstate mountain resort where Anna is supposed to be and learns that “Duke” had cancelled the reservation. Worried, Dante looks at John and Robert; they have no idea where Anna is!

In Switzerland Anna screams when she sees Faison. He tries to calm her, but Anna orders him to stay away. Anna’s trembling turns to fury when a thug brings a bound and gagged Duke into the room. When the thug attempts to shoot Duke, Anna fights him. Faison plunges a sedative into Anna’s neck and she falls limp. Duke tries to revive Anna as Faison explains he needed Anna to see the real Duke with him at the same time. Now Anna won’t suspect that Faison is impersonating Duke when she wakes up. As Duke is dragged away, Faison dons his Duke mask. He wakes Anna up and convinces her that Duke killed the thug trying to prevent Faison from escaping. Despite some red flags Anna buys Faison’s story and goes to her room to dress for dinner.

John and Robert arrive at the Swiss clinic where they question Dr. Albrecht. She denies knowing Faison, but later is caught red-handed calling him to warn him of Robert’s presence. John and Robert later ambush Anna and Faison/Duke just as things begin to get romantic. Anna is indignant when she sees Robert, but John’s presence gives her pause for concern. After all, she knows John wouldn’t come all this way if it wasn’t important. Faison/Duke sputters as he tries to talk his way out of Robert’s accusations. John furtively turns up the heat so that everyone begins to sweat except for Faison/Duke. Anna’s spider senses begin tingling again as John says that Faison didn’t have to surgically alter his face; he could be wearing a latex mask. Funny how Duke isn’t sweating right now! Faison/Duke tries to leave, but Robert throws hot oil from the fondue pot onto his face. Faison screams and crumbles to the ground. Anna tries to help him, but she shrieks when she sees “Duke’s” face melt off—and Faison’s face revealed.

Back in Port Charles Starr brings AJ to the hospital where he gets stitched up by Elizabeth. Elizabeth is cold to him, but warms up when he gives her a photo of a teenage Jason. Meanwhile Starr becomes suspicious of AJ; she suspects he goaded Sonny into pummeling him for Michael’s benefit. Sure enough when she returns to the gym to get AJ’s jacket, she sees a text on Sonny’s phone from Michael, telling him that he plans to stop by the gym. Hm, so maybe AJ did set Sonny up after all!

Shawn tells Sonny as much as they talk about Sonny losing his cool. Connie arrives to ask Sonny if they can use the space for a photo shoot—and if he can pose with her for the relaunch cover of Crimson. Sonny grins; can Connie handle being near him? What if Kate comes out? Connie assures Johnny that she is the personality in control, yet she seems drawn and intrigued by Sonny.

Michael goes to the police station where he asks Dante to arrest Sonny. Dante gently suggests that Michael’s overprotective concern for AJ stems from losing Jason, but Michael insist that he is not replacing Jason with AJ. Michael then returns to the hospital where Starr attempts to tell him that AJ’s motives aren’t as pure as they thought, but she gets interrupted by AJ inviting Michael to join him at ELQ.

Molly and TJ wait until Connie leaves before searching her office. They are caught by Todd, who grudgingly allows them to look for Molly’s manuscript. Todd agrees with them that Connie probably stole it. Later he learns that his publisher wants to publish it. The question is, where did it come from? All eyes turn to Connie, who shrugs. Yeah, she wrote a book, but it is totally different from Molly’s! Molly seethes with anger as she declares that Connie can’t do this, but there is no proof. Molly stomps out with TJ on her heels. She heads straight to Sam’s place where she asks her mom to sue Connie.

Meanwhile Sam is busy playing Grinch to Alexis and Kristina’s Whoville merriment. They arrive with a tree, lights and stockings. When Kristina sees that Trey is working as a delivery boy, they go out for coffee. Trey tells Kristina he got a gig on the new David Vickers movie and is leaving after the New Year. Kristina says she will miss him, but Trey kisses her. Why doesn’t she go with him?

Back at Sam’s penthouse Alexis coaxes a smile out of Sam when she dresses Daniel in a baby Santa suit. Sam drops her bitchy act and thanks Alexis for being there for her. When Alexis gently suggests that Jason may not be coming home, Sam insists she will keep the faith for however long it will take.

Carly and Josslyn bump into Johnny at Kelly’s. It pains Johnny to see Carly, but pains him even more when Josslyn draws a picture of him, Carly and her. Johnny is about to confess to Carly why he married Connie when Todd sweeps in. Todd warns Johnny to keep his mouth shut, but Johnny is fed up. He marches into The Sun office where he tells Connie their marriage is over. He is confessing!

Dante rushes to the hospital where Lulu tells him that Maxie had an allergic reaction to something. The girls worry it is from the hormone injections, but it is from Maxie accidentally eating blackberry jam when she thought it was blueberry. Lulu lashes out; how could Maxie be so careless? Dante steps in and Lulu realizes she is overreacting. She hugs Maxie, who understands. Britt enters, declares the girls are fine and says they can probably begin egg retrieval very soon.

Later at Kelly’s Maxie is having lunch with Mac. Mac sees that Maxie is having some doubts. As he advises Maxie to talk to Lulu and Dante, Olivia excitedly rushes over. She is on her way to meet Lulu and Dante at the hospital and can’t wait to meet her grandbaby! Suddenly she is hit by another vision; this time it is the same puppy that she saw with Lulu, only this time, the dog talks to her from his high chair. Maxie gasps; does this mean she will get pregnant with a talking Pekinese?!

Meanwhile Felix hands Dante a cup for his sperm donation at the hospital. Dante struggles to figure out a way to make this romantic for himself, but it’s hard when Olivia accidentally walks in on him! In the end, he
asks Lulu for her help.

At the nurses’ station Sabrina excitedly tells Patrick about her meeting with Lucy Coe. Felix overhears and looks a little worried, especially when Sabrina thanks him again for getting her that meeting. To cover his discomfort Felix points to mistletoe over Patrick and Sabrina’s head. Before they can kiss, Britt swoops in. Later Britt asks Patrick if she can join him and Emma in tree trimming, but memories of Robin fill Patrick’s head.

In Switzerland Robin learns that a very upset Dr. Albrecht that Faison has been arrested. Robin tries to convince the Swiss doctor to let her go, but the doc instead decides to kill Robin. Meanwhile Robert tries to cheer Anna up, but Anna can’t believe she allowed herself to be duped by Faison. She then wonders if Duke could still be alive. Robert takes her to the clinic where they unknowingly thwart Dr. Albrecht’s plans to kill both Robin and Duke.



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