General Hospital Recap Week of December 3 to 7

By on December 10, 2012
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This week in Port Charles Robert is determined to prove that Duke is Faison while Anna gets the shock of her life; Maxie announces her selfless intentions to Spinelli; and Blair’s groom goes MIA.

At Wyndemere Robert calls out to Helena, who appears near the entrance of the secret tunnel. He tells her that Nikolas allowed him to stay at the mansion and that he needs some intel about Faison from Helena. Helena cackles; she only agrees to tell Robert what he wants as long as Robert tells her why. Robert complies, after some Luke-like flirting. He thinks Faison is impersonating Duke! Helena thinks that is nonsense and sends Robert away. Later she makes a call to Faison/Duke to warn him that Robert is onto him.

At the Haunted Star Faison/Duke has something important to ask Anna: Come on vacation with him! Anna hesitates; she has a lot of work…and she wants to take things slow with Duke. Anna’s spider senses tingle when Faison/Duke forgets the name of the upstate mountain resort they love so much.

Maxie returns home to find Ellie and Spinelli playing an online role-playing game. Ellie wants to clear the air: does Maxie still love Spinelli? Maxie assures Ellie that Spinelli is hers. Besides, she will be busy carrying Lulu and Dante’s baby. Spinelli becomes concerned about the risks Maxie is taking, but Ellie congratulates Maxie on her selfless act.

Lulu and Dante fall into bed with champagne to celebrate their almost-baby. When Dante proposes that they take turns keeping Maxie company 24/7, Lulu jokes that Maxie should move in.

In Llanview Blair opens the door to a man from the CIA, who says that Tomas was called away for a super-secret mission. Apparently it is a mission so important that they pulled Tomas out of retirement. Emotional Blair realizes her wedding is cancelled. Todd is thrilled; Tea is confused; and Carly and Skye are more convinced than ever that Tomas is Lorenzo Alcazar. In a strange turn of events, Blair, Skye and Tea decide to search the globe for Tomas.

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