Happy Endings Recap 12/4/12 Season 3, Episode 5 “P&P Romance Factory”

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And we’re back after a two-week break! Once again the gang is at that bar and Max reveals he found his 5th grade stand-up routine which consisted of a Seinfeld-like commentary (“What is the deal…”) on juice boxes, mom’s notes in lunches and a variation on the great, classic rip on bad, uninspired comedians “Women be shopping” started by Dave Chappelle back in The Nutty Professor. It’s been referenced many times on this show, gets a twist with “little girls be sharing.” Jane is down because she can’t get in with the other salesmen at the car dealership where she now works (yes, they’re continuing that and Rob Corddry is back) and Brad offers to be her ticket in. “I’ll be your guy-guide. Your guy-ide. Yep, knew was already in the word the moment I said it.” Penny then comes in with a safety helmet she has to wear because this apparently a serialized comedy now as the concussion she suffered when she fell down the stairs on a previous episode is still present. Not only that, but they reference other slapstick moments where Penny has hit her head during the course of the show the way the Simpsons once did for Homer. Of course Penny can’t remember them and it dawns on her why. Everyone then begins speaking in slow motion in a funny, but truly cruel joke. Title credits…

Max is offended that a guy named Brody who is clearly the ultimate douche is douchey to him by mocking Max’s fist bump. Yeah. This is not the storyline I care about. What I do care about are Jane and Brad throwing a dinner party for the other car salesmen and their wives and of course when they do dap (look it up) it contains at least one incredibly weird sexual element. The plan to use college football fails when Rob Corddry doesn’t care about it, but continuing the theme of one-off jokes becoming storylines, his wife does care about Brad’s homemade candles. As he shows her his studio, Jane awkward offers to show Rob Corddry and the guys some porn to an equally awkward refusal.

Penny is looking for a less “special needs” type of helmet in a bike shop where of course she meets a gorgeous guy and after some quick banter which she derails by calling quaint “That space between a gal’s goal and her penalty box” he asks her out but she refuses because she’s embarrassed by the helmet she has to wear. Alex encourages her saying, “He could be your Soulmate, your kindred spirit your One Tree Hill” and she changes her mind and accepts.

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