Justin Bieber Adds 30 More Shows To His Believe Tour

By on December 10, 2012
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It’s a Christmas miracle for preteen girls everywhere! Justin Bieber has extended his sold-out concert, and has added 30 more shows that will take him into the summer of 2013 (unless the Mayans have something to say about it).

While the tour was ready to be wrapped up in January, Bieber felt it was only fair that the parents who missed out on their kids whining and begging for tickets the first time around, will get their chance this time around. So now, with the kids out of school, and the tour resuming in June and running through August, parents can also resume their strong hate of the Canadian pop-star.

Some notable stops on Bieber’s tour will include a quick stop at the Barclay center in Brooklyn, so Bieber can stock up on some swag, back-to-back nights in Los Angeles, and three shows back in his home of Ontario, so that he can remind himself that he is now in a better place.

How many of you are excited that the Biebs is adding more shows to his tour? How many of you feel Bieber should add more hairs to his face?

Head on over to page 2 for the dates and locations!!

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