Leonardo Dicaprio Walked Kate Winslet Down Aisle In Secret Wedding

By on December 27, 2012

Everyone was surprised to hear that Kate Winslet married Richard Branson’s nephew, Ned RocknRoll in a secret wedding, but now we are hearing that it was Leonardo Dicaprio who walked Winslet down the aisle and gave her away to RocknRoll.

Ever since they appeared together in 1997’s Titanic, millions have been hoping (I’ve found myself praying to the Hollywood Gods…I have a problem…) that Dicaprio and Winslet would fall in love and get married in real life. Well, our (my) prayers were answered…sort of. Dicaprio reportedly walked the Oscar Winning actress down the aisle in the super secret wedding that somehow the paparazzi missed.

While Dicaprio has dated numerous supermodels since him and Winslet first met, Winslet has been married twice before getting married for a third time over the weekend. We can only hope that she divorces again…now before you judge…she has to divorce again so that her next marriage can be to Dicaprio and the world can rejoice.

How fitting was it that Dicaprio walked Winslet down the aisle?

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