Liam Hemsworth Involved in Street Brawl (Video)

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Liam Hemsworth, no not Thor, the guy who will be marrying Miley Cyrus, was involved in a late night street brawl after leaving a bar.

Over the weekend, in the fighting city of Philadelphia, Hemsworth wanted to make sure that if there ever was a remake made of the film Rocky, he could get first dibs on the title role, and boy did he ever. According to sources, Hemsworth became upset when he believed someone threw a rock at him and his friend, and figured he would grab a guy, who may or may not have thrown the rock, and violently beat him.

While sources did not see a rock being thrown, Hemsworth still went through with the beating. Hemsworth can be see punching the random, probably drunk frat boy, while his non-famous friends hold him down. Hemsworth and his ‘Jets’ (and yes, that is a West Side Story reference…don’t judge) can be seen leaving the scene before any law enforcement arrive.

Video of the brawl can be seen on page 2! What do you guys think of Hemsworth’s actions?

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