Lindsay Lohan ‘Stalking’ Max George From The Wanted

By on December 6, 2012

When not getting into car accidents or into police cars, Lindsay Lohan likes to spend her time stalking Max George from the popular boy band The Wanted.

Last night, Lohan was backstage at the Jingle Ball Concert where George was scheduled to perform with his boy band, the poor-mans version of One Direction, The Wanted. Lohan was seen signing autographs and doing everything to seem like a normal celeb who just happened to stumble backstage at a concert in Philadelphia in hopes of getting a lock of hair from her crush.

Lohan recently attacked a woman at a NYC club, and it is rumored to have been because the woman was flirting with George. Now, if only Lohan put has much effort into fixing her career and getting her life in the right direction, think of how well she would be doing now.

What do you think? Should George embrace Lohan’s ‘suttle’ hints, and serenade her with one of his overproduced songs?

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