Nashville Recap 12/5/12 Season 1 “Where He Leads Me”

By on December 6, 2012
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This was our last new Nashville episode until early January and we’ve gotten a bunch of bombs dropped on us.  Also, I have to leave for work at 5:45 AM tomorrow, so I’m going to try to make this recap quick (never works, but I can try).

Rayna Finds Out She’s Married to a Lying Thief But Supports Him Anyway For Now

Rayna’s basking in the afterglow of her duet with Juliette last episode and now has hopes of getting the new album she’s wanted.  Her happiness is cut short by Teddy’s revelation about his running mate’s threat to release photos of Teddy in compromising poses with Peggy, his campaign worker.  Teddy’s still playing the denial game, but we all know he’s lying.  He does confess, however, to embezzling $2 million from a bank.  Well there’s the silver lining.  Peggy’s home life is crumbling and despite his desire for her to stay away, Peggy seeks comfort from Teddy.  He pushes her away and she ends up attempting suicide with pills.  Peggy’s husband finds her in time, however, and she’s taken to a hospital via ambulance while dozens of people (including Rayna, for no reason at all) are gathered on her front lawn in time to see Peggy being carried out.

Rayna’s down in the dumps but STILL has perfect hair as always.  She is doing some serious re-evaluating of her husband.  Then she finds out that her family has known the whole time about his embezzlement.  Her sister, Tami (same name as Connie Britton’s character in Friday Night Lights strangely enough), swears up and down that she only found out at the start of his campaign about the embezzlement (another silver lining).  Despite all the deceit, Rayna shows up at a press conference and defends her husband.  I can’t wait for the heart to heart you know she’s going to have with Peggy at some point where the truth comes out.  And the ultimate rage that takes the form of her flying to wherever Deacon is to get revenge sex.  Connie can’t seem to trust anyone these days, except for Deacon of course.  They meet up again at some location and I’m wondering if someone will be taking pictures of them.  This is the first time they don’t fight.  Deacon reveals his offer to join the tour of the amazing and sober legendary band, Rebel Kings.

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