Private Practice Recap 12/11/12 ‘I’m Fine’ Season 6 Episode 9

By on December 12, 2012

If like me you’ve been missing the often-slighted Sheldon, then this episode of Private Practice was for you. Following the only-for-the-final-season plan of having each episode focus primarily on one character, we finally get to spend some time with the uptight, loyal, and perennially second-fiddle therapist.

So far this season we’ve learned that Sheldon has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, that he has had some sort of occasion to wear a tuxedo, and that he has been treating a patient Nick who struggles with pedophilia. As a reminder, Nick was in the hospital the night that the young girl Sarah disappeared, and Sheldon has been concerned that Nick took Sarah.

First of all the tuxedo mystery is solved. It turns out that Sheldon has been carrying on romantic escape/fantasy weekends with his ex-wife Laura. They are dressed up and dancing in a fancy ballroom fantasizing about Laura moving to L.A. and lounging poolside when reality hits them. Sheldon confesses to her that he has prostate cancer and this is just too much for her to handle. Then he is paged to the hospital to treat Nick (we saw that part during the E.R. episode), and their magical night comes to a halt.

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