Private Practice Recap 12/4/12 Season 6 Episode 7 ‘Life Support’

By on December 5, 2012
Private Practice
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In a season that has dealt so heavily with the end of life, this episode of Private Practice shifts its primary focus to the beginning of it. As Charlotte goes into premature labor at 26 weeks, we flash back to re-live the pregnancy and experience the beginning of the birth of the triplets through Cooper’s eyes.

The past few shows have all focused on a single character and had a hook to them. We had Sam’s reality show, Addison’s day of terror, and Jake conversing with his dead wife. Now we have Cooper deciding to break the fourth wall. That’s right, throughout the episode Cooper turns to the camera and tells the audience exactly what he’s thinking.

The show opens up with Charlotte laying in bed at the apartment, swollen and miserable and 26 weeks pregnant. Cooper eagerly gets up when his alarm clock goes off at 5:30 AM and launches into a monologue to the cameras about how much he is enjoying every bit of this pregnancy.

Then we go back in time to Charlotte breaking the baby news to Cooper. He looks into the camera and claims that he knows he can’t act too happy because Charlotte didn’t even want babies, but this is his dream come true.

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