Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra Dating….For Real Now?

By on December 19, 2012

Looks like the popular snarky British mogul, Simon Cowell,…regular person, Carmen Electra, are dating…possibly.

Cowell told Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday that Electra and him are: “people who date.” Cowell continues on and says, “She’s adorable, isn’t she?”

Last month on Access Hollywood, Electra was much more opened than Cowell, and revealed her feelings for him, sounding like a 12 year old finally revealing her crush to her best friend:

“He’s so cute. He is adorable. He’s actually a sweetheart … I really liked him. I think he’s really cool. Now, obviously, he’s in [Los Angeles] with X Factor and we started to hang out and we became friends … I think he’s a great guy.”

Now, Cowell isn’t washed up like some of Electra’s past loves, (Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman, anyone?) so it is odd to hear that Electra may be dating one of the most in-demand bachelors on the market (and yes, money makes you in demand).

So what do you all think? Are Cowell and Electra really an item? Or is Electra desperately trying to become relevant again?

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