Taylor Swift Wants To Buy Property In UK To Be Near One Direction’s Harry Styles

By on December 21, 2012

Taylor Swift is putting her real estate agent to work, as she is now looking to buy property in the UK so that she can be closer to her boyfriend, One Direction’s, Harry Styles.

While struggling with the decision of what would come first, a song about Harry Styles or buying a home near him? Swift has reportedly chosen the home. A source close to the situation states:

“Harry and Taylor are crazy about each other. They just got back to LA together, after sharing a week-long vacation in England. While they were in the UK, they had a chance to drive up to Harry’s mom’s place in Cheshire and Taylor fell in love with the gorgeous countryside.”

Or perhaps Swift is just plain crazy? Perhaps being Swift’s boyfriend for a month guarantees you $66k in gifts, living next to her, and having a song written about you.

The source continues:

“Taylor would love a really old, thick-walled cottage with a fire place. Harry’s mom and sister have vowed to help her find the perfect place!”

I would have suggested big padded walls, but that’s just me. Swift would want to move next to a pizza place if she fell in love with it. Who wouldn’t? It truly remains to be seen if Styles and Swift are serious (or if the rumors of the relationship being fake) and ready for long term, but Swift seems to be taking the next steps to ensure that is the case.

Hey, if i doesn’t work out, at least Swift will be living close enough to Styles to write him cute messages on a notepad.

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