Today Show Anchor Mike Leonard Retires – Video

By on December 14, 2012

The NBC “Today Show” anchor Mike Leonard has officially announced his retirement after 31-years.  Leonard made his announcement on Thursday night by paying tribute to his wife Cathy.

The NBC “Today Show” explained his tribute stating that his wife Cathy had inspired him in his work and taught him to “see the beauty in our everyday existence.”

Matt Lauer spoke after Mike’s final segment, saying: “Your stories…are a microcosm of you. They all have incredible heart, they’re told with kindness, and hope, and modesty. They are understated and yet so powerful, and that is you in a nutshell.”

For his final segment, Leonard gave viewers a story with all the signature touches that has made him so inspiring to so many. Inviting the camera crew into his home, Mike Leonard shares a glimpse of his life at home as his family all gather around to celebrate Leonard’s 65th birthday, a date he also shares with his grandchild.

The Today Show’s website,, has also paid a special tribute to the Mike Leonard.

Mike Leonard is also known as being a huge part of a family video production company, Picture Show Films. The company uses digital video exclusively and edits its projects on PowerBooks. Picture Show has produced critically acclaimed television shows, features for PBS, ESPN, and other news outlets, and videos for fund-raising, corporate training, and other projects. Picture Show is also credited for producing The Brendan Leonard Show, hosted by his son Brendan Leonard.

Mike Leonard has four children, Matt, Megan, Kerry, and Brendan, and five grandchildren, and currently resides in Winnetka, Illinois with his wife, Cathy.

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