Tom Cruise and Suri To Spend Christmas Together – Katie Holmes Alone Again

By on December 11, 2012

It looks like Tom Cruise will be spending Christmas with his, daughter Suri.

At the London premiere of Jack Reacher, Cruise spoke with reporters and gave off the impression that he would be taking another step to get Suri over to the dark side:

“We have got lots of very special things planned [for the holidays].” Cruse added that he would be not only with Suri, but with Bella and Conner as well. “We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it.”

While no word yet on what the “special plans” may be, I feel they will include wearing matching outfits, and UFO sight seeing. Cruise also spent Thanksgiving with Suri in England, while his ex-wife, Kate Holmes spent it in Ohio. It is very interesting to hear that Holmes is allowing Suri to spend another holiday with Cruise, as Holmes has tried hard to keep Suri away from any Scientology influences that Cruise may try on Suri.

Maybe Cruise will dress up as Santa and ask Suri what she wants for Christmas: “Have you been a good future Scientologist?”

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