Did Tom Cruise Tap an Enemy’s Phone?

By on December 20, 2012

Somebody should probably tell Tom Cruise that he isn’t actually Ethan Hunt, as earlier this week he was questioned in connection to a wiretapping lawsuit.

Cruise is being accused of unlawfully recording phone conversations. Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields is also being accused as well. The man behind the lawsuit is magazine editor, Michael Davis Sapir, who is suing Cruise for $5 million, and is claiming that Cruise and his lawyer had infamous private investigator Anthony Pellicano wiretap his phone.

On Cruise being questioned, a source states:

“It was all very secretive. This battle has been ongoing and getting to the point where Cruise had to sit for a deposition obviously took a long time.”

The hoopla began when in 2001 Cruise sued Sapir for offering half a million dollar reward to anyone who could come up with video evidence that Cruise is gay. After Sapir stated there was no video, the lawsuit was settled. Now, 11 years later, Sapir has returned the favor and is suing Cruise, stating Cruise and Fields wiretapped his phone conversations in order to gain an advantage back in 2001.

Do you think Cruise really had Sapir’s phone tapped? ┬áIt sounds like a scene out of a movie.


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