Twilight: Breaking Dawn Tops Box Office….Again Top Ten Box Office – Weekend 12/2/2012

By on December 3, 2012
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1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Wknd/$ 17.3 Total/$ 254.6
2. Skyfall/Sony Wknd/$ 17.0 Total/$ 246.0
3. Lincoln/Touchstone Wknd/$ 13.5 Total/$ 83.7
4. Rise of the Guardians/PDW Wknd/$ 13.5 Total/$ 48.9
5. Life of Pi/Fox Wknd/$ 12.0 Total/$ 48.3
6. Wreck-It-Ralph/Disney Wknd/$ 7.8 Total/$ 158.3
7. Killing Them Softly/Weinstein Wknd/$ 7.0 Total/$ 7.0
8. Red Dawn/FD Wknd/$ 6.6 Total/$ 31.3
9. Flight/Paramount Wknd/$ 4.6 Total/$ 81.5
10.The Collection/LD Wknd/$ 3.4 Total/$ 3.4

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 holds at number one and also in this is Michael Sheen and while many justifiably think of him as a more “serious actor” Sheen has never been above throwing himself into absolute silliness which is why the best films of that other vampire franchise, Underworld (where he ironically plays the head of the werewolves), have him in them chewing up the scenery with reckless abandon. Actually, having good actors in crap like this serves to give them a grounding element that they would otherwise lack which is why producers and directors want them. Actors just want to have a little fun and make money. See also, Chronicle of Riddick with Judi Dench. Yes, Judi Dench in space.

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