The Voice Cassadee Pope: “I’m With You” Video 12/3/12 Top 6 Live Rounds

By on December 4, 2012
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Free to pick her own song for round 2 on The Voice tonight, Cassadee Pope takes on Avril Lavigne’s “I’m with You”.

Cassadee’s Song I’m With You – Cassadee says that this song means a lot to her, and I’m a bit confused as to how an Avril Lavigne song could mean a lot to anyone, but who cares. As Blake points out, when something means a lot to Cassadee it shows. She kills it – absolutely. flawless. Except for the shiny gold dress she’s wearing. Seriously, did she lose a bet or something? What’s with the tackiness? But her voice, oh my goodness. She hits notes that I didn’t think were possible, and doesn’t run into any issues at all, as far as my untrained ears can tell.

*Watch Cassadee perform ‘Stand’ during tonight’s first LIVE Round*
Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo kicks it off saying that he loved the stage (lots of smoke) and loved her performance, while Adam says that it was one of his favorite performances by Cassadee and that he loved it. Blake takes some time to explain to the audience that you can’t “teach slash coach (teach/coach) somebody to have a connection to a song, you have to be born with that” and that’s what Cassadee has. And, she’s got the ability to sing really, really good which creates a phenomenon. Blake, as always, thanks Cassadee for choosing him as her coach.

Watch Cassadee’s second round and the judges’ comments on page 2!!

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