The Voice Nicholas David: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Video 12/3/12 Top 6

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Nicholas David chooses a musical classic: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”, for round 2 on The Voice tonight.

Nicholas’ Song Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Ohhh I love this song, and Nicholas has done something interesting with it! He’s infused it with a bit of R&B flavor, and taken it from being the Judy Garland classic that we all know and love and turned it into something that might be suitable for today’s radio stations. This is quite, quite interesting Mr. David – where have you been hiding this all season?!

Watch Nick’s ‘September’ performance!!

Judges’ Comments: Adam says he loved the performance, while Blake tells him that it was “magic” and “beautiful.” Cee Lo uses his time to wish a Happy Birthday to someone named Mr. Beans (so, Happy Birthday Mr. Beans!) and then moves on to commending Nicholas on going through so many transitions this season, and says that he did a fantastic job.

Check out Nick’s video on page 2!!

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