The Voice Terry McDermott: “Stay with Me” Video 12/3/12 Top 6 Live Rounds

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Scottish rocker Terry McDermott nails the Faces’ “Stay with Me” during the second round of The Voice Top 6!!

Terry’s Song Stay With Me – This time out, Terry is much better than he was the first time. This song is pure rock and roll, and right in Terry’s wheelhouse. He’s able to hit the high notes, while maximizing the pitch and tone of his voice. This song was picked for Terry by Blake because it always gets a bit crowd reaction when his wife, Miranda Lambert, performs it in concert, and it got a huge reaction from the audience tonight.

Check out Terry’s performance of “I Want to Know What Love Is” during the first round!!

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo tells Terry that “when it comes to rock and roll there’s nothing like the real thing and Terry, you’re the real thing.” Adam says he loves the song (and Terry’s jacket) and that Terry is the “most consistent” and an incredible singer. Blake tells Terry that he’s amazing, and that they never have to judge his ability to sing. He also lets him know that he was shocked and impressed that he started in such a high key, and was able to pull it off flawlessly.

Watch Terry’s rockin’ performance on page 2!!

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