The Voice Trevin Hunte: “Walking on Sunshine” Video 12/3/12 Top 6 Live Rounds

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Trevin Hunte’s got everyone feeling fine with Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine”, during The Voice Top 6 Live Rounds.

Trevin’s Song Walkin’ On Sunshine – I love the original version of this song, and I think Trevin definitely does it justice. That said, he doesn’t really bring anything new to it – it sounds almost exactly like the original. An imitation, not a new spin on it. However, bonus points for all of the horns up on stage – I love a good musical accompaniment.

Judges’ Comments: Adam says that this was “the long song” he would have ever expected to hear from Trevin, but that it was an “amazingly cool” choice. Blake says he loves when Trevin gets to hit those good notes because “gosh dangit it’s good,” while Cee Lo – who was “under the weather” – was thrilled to see Trevin’s performance for the first time and said he did a great job with it.

Check out Trevin’s performance and the judges’ comments on page 2!!

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