Was Nurse in Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Murdered?

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    • The unfortunate death of Jacintha sends a VERY CLEAR message to the media to keep their distance from the Royal Family and DO NOT infringe on their privacy again.
    • Mistakes surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton and their unborn baby will not be tolerated and the price could be death.

Is it possible that a royal fanatic killed Jacintha?  It is possible, but would they have taken the time to make it look like a suicide, rather than a murder. Probably not.

Is this a conspiracy theory?  Rumors still hound the royals regarding the death of Princess Diana.

What are your thoughts? Is it possible Jacintha Saldan was murdered and did not kill herself?


11 Responses to Was Nurse in Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Murdered?

  1. Paula says:

    And the fact that her family had said that she had previously been hospitalised for TWO previous attempts at suicide have no bearing on this case?

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