Was Nurse in Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Murdered?

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    • The unfortunate death of Jacintha sends a VERY CLEAR message to the media to keep their distance from the Royal Family and DO NOT infringe on their privacy again.
    • Mistakes surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton and their unborn baby will not be tolerated and the price could be death.

Is it possible that a royal fanatic killed Jacintha?  It is possible, but would they have taken the time to make it look like a suicide, rather than a murder. Probably not.

Is this a conspiracy theory?  Rumors still hound the royals regarding the death of Princess Diana.

What are your thoughts? Is it possible Jacintha Saldan was murdered and did not kill herself?


11 Responses to Was Nurse in Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax Murdered?

  1. Paula says:

    And the fact that her family had said that she had previously been hospitalised for TWO previous attempts at suicide have no bearing on this case?

  2. Pauline Seers says:

    And now Derek Larkin – look HIS suicide by hanging up. This seems to be the prefered method of execution here in the UK.

  3. angelo says:

    it’s much more likely that she was killed, rather than having committed suicide.
    Personally I think she got killed. ………I’m from the south of Italy, so I understand the mentality of the “don’t fuck with me”, but killing the nurse has been over the top. I also understand the mentality of “sending signals” of the “no fucking with me ” mentality, but ordering a kill it’s been unnecessary. There will be no investigation. No one will mess with the Royals, to investigate on them and what happened. No one will conduct a fair investigation. The nurse’s husband can’t talk because he’s afraid they might kill his doughter too….

  4. Paula says:

    I heard through sources in the UK, that this is another Diana Murder. They hold power there and apparently take is seriously. She was punished alrite, way to hard for my opinon. Isnt that how they punished people back in the day??? Specifically in ENGLAND, hangings were and seem to still be common……Exactly. I believe my sources and it is just another Diana scandal.

  5. No one says:

    Can’t help but feel something does not seem right here.. I had my doubts about her suicide from day 1.. God only knows, and if she was killed then surely justice will always be served.

  6. Ethan says:

    I agree with jay. Nothing would surprise me what any establishment type would do. Jimmy Savile was the tip of the iceberg. We live in a pathocracy.

  7. Johnnyo says:

    Just like to add that there had been no evidence or details of her death how did she commit suicide? for instance why what was in the not she supposedly left behind, her family are stupid if they think she committed suicide…unless of course she had a terrible mental health problem and in which case what is she doing working as a nurse in the best hospital in England?…No sorry all stinks we should create over this because the day they take away a Djs right to make a prank call which they have doen successfully by the look of it..Is the day all our civil liberties and freedom of speech is swept away from under our noses…

  8. Johnnyo says:

    Of course Murdered to protect the royals who in their right mind would do anything humiliating to them now…Poor DJs they were just doing a job entertaining the masses…regardless of weather it is a childish prank or not…And would a women really kill herself over transferring a call? no of course not, and especially not with a husband and 2 children …We should wake up and question what really happened instead of blaming 2 innocent DJs for having a bit of a laugh…

  9. jay says:

    It was ruled a suicide way too fast; I’ve never heard of so few details being revealed a any persons death. All we know is she was found uncouncious, without a note. We don’t know exactly how she was found of what the cause of death was; why not? It just doesn’t add up to me; on top of that why isn’t a single news agency willing to ask how the woman killed herself. Everyone is wispering its murder around the water cooler but no one in the media will even bring it up it.

  10. a hale says:

    This is a very relevant question your asking. Why would the (‘royal’) family want to murder this nurse? Before her death the average persons reaction to the hoax might be to smile and say ‘well just a bit of lightharted fun’ , now the perpetrators have lost their jobs and no one would defend their actions. In places like Australia (and Canada) where the queen still maintains control behind the scenes (just search ‘queen dissolves Australian/Canadian parliament) there is a quiet battle going on for the support of the people.

  11. Mandy says:

    What about the other nurse who gave out most of the information for her patient? They never said how she died or if she left a note. Something seems suspicious and I don’t think the royal family had anything to do with it. She died near the nurses quarters where she slept. Why aren’t they doing an investigation?

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