The X Factor Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings ‘Imagine’ 12/12/12 – Video

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The final four contestants are competing to make it to the final two on The X Factor Semi-Finals tonight!!  Carly Rose Sonenclar wows the judges and audience for the second time tonight with her performance of “Imagine”!!

Carly Rose Sonenclar Song: “Imagine” by John Lennon

Comments: LA praised her for finding yet another way to make a difficult song her own. Demi said, “The only predictable thing about that performance is that it was gonna be amazing.” Simon thought the song ended up sounding “fussy” because too many different things went on during the performance, so it didn’t have a consistent vibe. Britney felt she was ready to go beyond this stage and “compete with the biggest stars in the world.”

Check out the complete recap and video performances here!!

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Watch Carly’s second performance of the night on page 2!!


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