The X Factor Tate Stevens Sings ‘Anything Goes’ – Video

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The X Factor’s Tate Stevens performed the song Anything Goes for his “winning song.” But before we hear the song we see Tate’s journey on The X Factor.

"Tate Stevens"

Tate gave up his dream of being a major artist to raise his family. Tate is here to show the world that you should never give up. How many artists do you know begin their career at 37 years old??

How can Tate possibly go back to the life he was once living now that he has experienced what it is like to be a singer?

Britney Spears said the performance was right on. Demi said Tate turned that performance into a stadium performance. Simon actually agreed with Demi. He feels that Tate is authentic and never sacrificed his integrity. LA thinks Tate was lovable the day he auditioned and has remained lovable.

On a visit to Tate’s hometown, his boss said they don’t expect him to return to work.

Check out the complete recap here!!

Check out the video on page 2.

2 Responses to The X Factor Tate Stevens Sings ‘Anything Goes’ – Video

  1. Holly says:

    Tate your awesome !! You will win !

  2. J Gamble says:

    You are AWESOME Tate ! Love you song, how can I get it !

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