American Horror Story: Asylum Recap 01/02/13 – ‘The Name Game’

By on January 3, 2013
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Happy 2013, AHS fans!

Another year, another chance to see horrible things happen to innocent people, thanks to Ryan Murphy. There’s nothing like a little bit of horror and mayhem to snap us back into reality after a couple weeks of pretty lights and songs and festivities, is there?

Where we left off in 2012: Thredson¬†escaped Lana’s imprisonment. Arden’s experiment with Kit worked, summoning the aliens to Briarcliff, who deposited a very pregnant and very alive Grace along with a very smart Pepper. Also, very bad Santa Lee almost drowned Timothy and then nailed him to a cross in the chapel, where the Monsignor was then visited by the Angel Of Death. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and dive right into ‘The Name Game,’ which was full of torture, death and musical numbers!

We open with Arden sticking a very large needle full of adrenaline into Kit’s heart in an attempt to restart it. He pounds on Kit’s chest – it doesn’t seem to work – he gives up….then Kit comes gasping back to life. He asks the doctor if their experiment worked. Arden says it didn’t, that the aliens didn’t come. (Lies!)

Later, Arden straps Grace onto a table in his examination room. Pepper surprises him, and he asks how she got in there. “I go where Grace goes. I’ve been charged to protect her.” He wants to take an x-ray to find out what’s inside of Grace, but Pepper says it would harm the life growing in there. When Arden doesn’t cooperate, she tells him that the aliens are all laughing at him and his failed experiments. They even tell jokes about him, like this gem: ‘Knock knock. ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Arden.’ ‘Arden who?’ ‘Arden you the quack who’d make a better duck?’ (I just love the image of a flying saucer full of little green men swapping knock-knock jokes).

Pepper also tells Arden that she was framed for her sister’s murder by her sister’s husband and she was convicted because she was a ‘freak.’ She threatens him that if he doesn’t do what she says, the aliens will “stir your brains with a fork,” and then he’ll know what it feels like to be a freak.

Next we see Sister Mary pushing a very-much-alive Timothy in a wheelchair. The Monsignor has bandages on his hands and feet, but otherwise seems not too much the worse for wear. He flashes back to his interaction with the Angel of Death: She told him that the devil is inside of Mary, and he needs to get it out.

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