American Idol 2013: Candice Glover Audition Video

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American Idol stopped in Charlotte, NC tonight looking for hopefuls to take home this year’s title of American Idol and Candice Glover is looking promising.

Contestant: Candice Glover, who appeared on the show in a previous season.
Song: “Syrup and Honey”
Judges’ Comments: She received a standing ovation from the judges!! Randy told Candice that it was the best audition he’s heard this season, while Nikki declared she’s obsessed with Candice (and that she wants to “skin her and wear her” – sooo yeah, that). Mariah tells Candice that she doesn’t really have any words other than it was the best singing thus far.
Through To Hollywood?: Three yeses (since Keith isn’t there)!

*American Idol Recap – Auditions Night 3 – 1/23/13*

Watch Candice’s amazing performance on page 2!!

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