Arrow “Vertigo” Recap 1/30/13

By on January 31, 2013
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On this week’s episode of “Not Green, Just Arrow” we open where all action movies and TV shows live: the docks. Oliver is interrogating a pusher of a new drug called “vertigo” to get the name of the supplier. When he returns to the Arrow Cave he’s still in full on crazy mode and Diggle—who has no grip on sanity himself—has to tell him to switch back to normal because his sister needs him. Thea, aka Speedy, has a court date for the accident that happened after she got high on “vertigo” her 18th birthday. Actually it was two days before her 18th birthday we learn but that’s close enough for the judge who puts the kibosh on the deal made with the prosecution and wants to make an example out her with a jury trial. At least this time she has a real lawyer and Dinah Laurel wasn’t somehow dragged into it, though she does show up. Queen Mother is upset but Speedy still thinks she’s cheating with Daddy Meryln and could care less. Oliver leaves his mother to “do something” which leads us to a Bad Wig Flashback where Oliver who was apparently betrayed by Yao Fei and now sits in cage yelling at him. Title credits…

Oliver is at the police station where of course the pretty cop is one of his exes. He’s looking for information on The Count who is the sole supplier of vertigo. Because this is a TV show she not only shows him the file they have on The Count but also doesn’t notice when he steals it. Detective Lance comes by and asks Pretty Cop what Oliver wanted.

Trivia break: In DC Comics, Count Vertigo is an actual count of a fictional European country whose name is actually Vertigo and has the power to cause—you guessed it—vertigo in people. His first appearance was fighting none other than Dinah Laurel Lance, aka, Black Canary.

The hood that gave up “The Count” is being punished by being given a pure dose of the drug, which is apparently so painful he takes the loaded gun given to him by The Count and kills himself rather than at least take The Count with him.

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