The Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe Recap 1/7/13 – Season 17

By on January 7, 2013
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The Bachelor Season 17 with Sean Lowe premieres tonight, January 7, 2013. On the premiere episode, Sean, 28, the handsome business entrepreneur from Dallas, meets 26 potential soul mates as he begins his exciting search for true love. Sean prepares for the night of his life as the 26 beautiful bachelorettes, all clamoring to meet him, begin to arrive.

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Sean kicks off his journey – not by meeting beautiful bachelorettes, but by meeting with a friend — someone who was also left heartbroken by Emily — Arie Lukendyk, Jr. The handsome race driver offers his support as well as some hilarious, if questionable advice.  Watching Arie and Sean talk and joke around is funny.  Sean is the “All American Guy” while Arie is well known for his kissing and teaches Sean a thing or two, down to pointers on how much tongue he should use.  I’m going with too much information on this one.

Arriving at the mansion for the first cocktail party, Sean is nervous, but seeing how excited the women are to meet him calms him down. The first lady out of the limo is AshLee F., followed by Jackie,  a beautiful make-up artist who marks her territory with a kiss on Sean’s cheek that is quickly wiped off by Selma who happens to be carrying a tissue in her cleavage.

Robyn, a gorgeous engineer, does a back flip out of the limousine – only to fall, unceremoniously, on her behind.  Kelly, a lovely cruise ship singer serenades Sean with an original song about their future love.  Katie, a yoga teacher, gets out of the limo without her shoes and teaches Sean a pose.

Keep reading to see what the other ladies have in store for Sean.

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