Biggest Loser Recap 1/7/13 ‘Get Moving’

By on January 7, 2013
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We return to The Biggest Loser, after a dramatic season 14 premiere last night. The show opened with 3 kid and 15 adult contestants and in less than 2 hours, one adult quit and one adult was sent packing. If you missed last night’s premiere you can check out the recap HERE.

Tonight, the contestants are encouraged to “Get Moving,” and find themselves pushed to new limits when they are introduced to the new outdoor gyms that each trainer has custom designed.

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The Blue Team meets Bob at his outdoor gym and they were greeted by their trainer and a group of very buff athletes who were working out.

Dolvett’s outdoor gym was described by Jackson as a torture chamber, but since he has a medical restriction this week, he is only allowed to walk.  Jackson shared that he is gay and has been tortured about it since he was fourteen.

Jillian kept a minimalist approach to her outdoor gym, she explained that ultimately your best tool for fitness is your own body weight.

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